Under the Documents tab, select Documents to see an alphabetized list of your Umapped Documents Library.

Select the Edit button beside the document that you would like to edit. 

There are different components and features to a Umapped Document, including:

1. Title

2. Document Type

3. Location

4. Intro

5. Tag

6. Cover Photo

7. + Add a New Page

8. Add External Content 

9. travel42 Content (travel42 Add-on)

10. Make Document Private

1. Title - it is important to remember that a document can contain many pages of content. Choosing a title that is inclusive of all the pages of content is recommended. For example, a country guide of Argentina as pictured above could include separate pages outlining food, culture, security, and sites in Argentina. 

2. Document Type - this describes what the document contains and/or what the pages within it can be used for. The options for document type include: Country, City, Tour, Activity Guide, General, Company Information.

3. Location - location information can be added, when applicable, so that the trip map is populated. Please be sure to include latitude and longitude coordinates for the location to be visible. 

4. Intro - this space is where you can add an introduction to the document. This can be used to describe or outline the Pages in the document. 

5. Tag - a tag can be added to a document so that you can easily search and sort your documents by tag or label. If you want to add a document to a trip, you can use the tag to search for it. 

6. Cover Photo - a cover photo can be added to the document. For instructions on adding a photo, please see here

7. +Add a New Page - pages can be added to the document. Pages can include information, photos, links, videos, locations and recommendations. To learn more about Pages and Documents, please see here

8. Add External Content - an opportunity to add third party destination content to a document. This content will be added as an additional Page in the document.

9. travel42 Content - if you have the travel42 add-on enabled, you can add destination reports to your document. To learn more about this Add-on, please see here

10. Make Document Private - make your document accessible to only you and your company. To learn more about this feature, see here.