As the Administrator for your company, manage your company's Umapped profile, users and groups.

Company Administrators will see a Company tab on the top menu bar of their account.

To review or edit your company information select the Company tab from the top menu bar.  Then select the Edit button.

Within My Company, you have access to the following: 

A. Company Profile

B. Users

C. Groups

A. Company Profile

From within your Company Profile, you can add or update:


1. Company Logo: Logos should be .png format with a transparent background

2. Contact Person

3. Address

4. Contact Information


Select Save after any information has been updated.

**Any information added will appear on all trip itineraries created by users in the company

B. Users

From within the Users tab:


1. Create New Users

2. Edit Existing Users


To learn more about different user levels of access, please see here.

C. Groups

Under Groups, you can:

1. Create new groups 

2. Edit Manage to Existing Groups

Group setup allows agents within the group to edit and collaborate on all trip itineraries created by any of group members. Agents will find all trip itineraries created by group members under My Trips. To see trip itineraries created by other members, check off Company Trips. 

For further assistance please contact